Saturday, June 6, 2009

5 Signs your guy is hooked on PORN

On another attempt to dive into the unseen side of guys, porn entered with the perfect entourage. Presenting a once in a lifetime chance to walk through such a thorny and private matter. Sex is crucial to men, hell it's like the number one definer of manhood. And not just in our culture, but it's wherever men go! A strong, hunky man must have at least one experience, girls dig that; they love dangerous skilled womanizers. Yet, how did they come about those skills is beyond a girl's mind. Or to be honest, it goes more like having a trail of women who were nothing compared to her self! Yes, women have huge egos to…

And that's where the problem resides, the limits of our imagination. Guys can lie, beautify disgusting acquaintances into a 007 steamy night and girls will believe that. Not because we're stupid, God knows we're not, but because we wish that this is how it happened. Not in a locked up room with downloaded x-rated movies! Porn, whether you like it or not, is a phase most guys pass by. It's enough to mention that 85% of porn web-browsers are men, which means your guy has only 15% chance for a legitimate alibi!

Why he does/like it is crucial to draw the fine line between just curiosity to "honey, I can't get enough!" First of all, most men don't regard "watching" porn as cheating, as they're not doing it with an actual person. In fact, porn to guys is nothing more than a stimulatory- relief tool. Unlike women, who upscale porn to the same level as having a mistress! Knowing this, porn is sometimes used by guys to grab their partners' attentions. So, if his porn-zone is out in the loose then he either doesn't care about your feelings anymore or he's trying to send you a clear message that he's craving some extra attention but he's certainly not plain dumb. However, guys might resort to porn out of boredom or as the easiest way to "breaking the habit". But, what might start out as nothing but a waste of time might very well turn into a life-wrecker, especially with those of addictive personalities. Where porn's transition hops from surfing the internet to an accustomed habit to an actual disastrous problem with no psychological addiction to watching nude people specifically but to the euphoric state "too much excitement" brings. And since you're the only one who can spot his reasons, then it's you who can detect the signs that your own guy is doing PORN…

1. All about his needs!
Ever since sex has been categorized as a manly right, guys' selfish reputations in bed have crossed all borders. Women were ranked based on their abilities to please him, pictured as a porn-like tool and enslaved for the very same reason. Generally speaking, it has been scientifically proven that sexual experiences based on only pleasing oneself, including porn, masturbation or paying for sex, yields selfish partners who only care about their needs and their satisfaction. So ladies, if your husbands' attentions have been shifted to themselves, let's just say you need to keep your eyes open!

2. Quality & Quantity
If your guy has resorted to porn, it's only logic to say that the sex frequency will be affected. And not necessarily less, as most guys view porn for excitement, not relief which means things may get steamier. The worst part though is that you're not the reason why he's overly worked. In fact, many women take the rise up as an indicator that their relationship is getting stronger, when the truth is that their men are just compensating for guilt feelings, also true when cheating, or simply getting off!

3. Privacy requested!
Isolation falls right into place when hooked up on porn. He no longer wants to go out, while encouraging you to "live your life". He's very secretive about his drawers, laptop and car. He lays off his friends to stay alone and of course switching off the screen when you walk in. So, don't brag about how your husband had changed to this open-minded creature. Your happiness is not his intention, it's whatever that can get you to stop breathing down his neck is what matter the most.

4. Sudden Swaps
Most men when having their minds set on the likes and dislikes of feminine features, it's pretty much hard to change. This means that if he swore all his life that he hates big boobs and now he seems to like them a bit too much, that's usually your queue for only 3 options:
a. He's seeing someone else with big boobs.
b. His favorite porn star is sporting humungous boobs
c. Your bell has stopped ringing for him, i.e. you don't turn him on anymore.

5. Laying off focus
Much like a thief who walks around accusing others of stealing, porn addicts do the same, mostly out of guilt. They want to feel better by pointing out everyone's flaws. And sometimes they want to pick your brains on the subject, see how you feel about this whole thing by telling their own story under someone else's name. Based on your reaction they'll either decide to tell you, go cold turkey or sink a little deeper in their porn-based lives…