Friday, November 21, 2008

Things I think about when stuck in Traffic!

- Passion is contagious. Period
- You see incompetent cars hogging the road, such a reminiscence of our days.
- I hate the fact that people smell when it’s only 8:30am, yet I’m reluctant to pull up the window.
- Hardworking is not a trait, it’s an attitude.
- Giving up is not really my thing, it’s just a lame excuse to get out when I can’t
- Stop starring at me, I’m not as beautiful on the inside
- No one waits for pedestrians for everyone demeans interruptions
- It’s not that we can’t empathize; it’s just that we’re too self-involved to realize other people exist.
- How lovely to see guys use flowers to get to girls who still fall for the same trap.
- Why didn’t he call last night?!
- I’m a free soul, I hate control… Ew, cheesy rhyme
- Mum is really kind to let go of my gaucheness or she’s just my mum!
- Coffee makes life enjoyable. Period
- If I were the Queen of the world, will I still be able to enforce justice?
- “World’s Greatest Writer” The reason why I wake up in the morning
- Today, I will not order take-outs and will use the stairs (Yeah, right!)
- You can either accept yourself or do something to change, anything else counts as stalling!
- Is the taxi driver too greedy or is the passenger just cheap!
- Relationships are hard, alluring and all but hard!
- Britney spears should really stop singing and so should Marwa!
- Being different is dangerous in high school but in life it makes you a hero.
- Brilliancy is just luck, where you thought of an idea 10 min before others did.
- Listen, observe, feel, shut up and you’ll learn faster!
- When my maid is intentionally driving me crazy, why am I the one who should show mercy?!
- How the hell am I supposed to move places when my help refuse to… help?!
- My car’s name is “tomboka”, my laptop is “methany” and I’m LOBNA KHAIRY
- Just remember you’re 21, 21, 21 not 16, 16, 16!
- Reality is just bad digestion that won’t resolve by “AntiReal”
- Independence is my Everest
- Writing about sex, virginity, sexual education makes you famous. Period
- I hate confinement, then why am I stuck behind that truck?! Fate.
- If I- as people always tell me- have it all, then what the hell am I still doing hanging with the living?!
- There are those who come into your life to make you feel incompetent.
- Beauty is subjective, one man’s monkey is another man’s jewel
- Stubbornness gets you to make stupid things one of which singing to deaf people.
- My brain REALY hurts!
- I miss college, I miss being spoiled, look at me just another compelled employee
- Preserving my identity is nothing short of a full-time job.
- How I long for Cairo during Eid, the streets are just too empty to resist.
- If the “everyone has a book inside” is true, then why can’t I find mine?!
- Please God, let everyone driving in Cairo at 3:00pm goes to heaven.
- The misconception of women being lousy drivers is great, now I get to goof around as much as I want, after all “I’m a woman”

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No such thing as "SINGLE"

At certain times in life, being in a relationship is the only way to make one feel complete again. We’ve all been there; whether by giving reasons why we’re single to convince ourselves that we’re happy or clinging to a current relationship in fear that someday we might end up all alone. Searching for happiness is endless that’s why some promote the idea that relationships aren’t that important, that we can go on unaffected, find our passion in some kind of hobby or career rather than in someone. And to be honest, that might work for some people but for the rest of us, it only takes a relationship to balance out our worlds. That’s what makes this one day - the red day - so difficult that it drives many to extremes just to get over.

Now when I think about it, although I’ve only been in one relationship yet I never felt single. The whole thing just hit me when I was trying to remember valentine’s 4 years ago, before Gohar came along. What did it feel like to be alone on that day? what I remember the most is that I was always at home, pretty much by myself as my little brother slept early, my parents usually went out, my friends were banned from leaving their homes as their parents were trying to out smart them, thinking that since they’re home, they can’t have boyfriends but Valentine’s can always be a day earlier or later as long as you get to be with the one you truly like, right?!

I won’t lie to you but remembering all that had me worried about my well being. Am I that self- absorbed that I can’t even notice when someone’s missing from my life?! But I wiped that thought right out, for if you knew me, you’ll see that I’m like a 2 year old, I start crying once my significant other leaves the room so that can’t be it and neither was I too young to realize what valentine’s day stand for, I was 16 for God’s sake!
So the thought of researching the term single wasn’t a bad idea, may be I had the entire concept wrong and that’s when I stumbled over an article that proved I’m not crazy, not self-absorbed nor gebella… I was actually never single.

The article is titled “52 reasons why it’s great to be single”
Some of the reasons aren’t that convincing for someone to stay single, only 5 of them are- how can I put it- astounding! So before you jump into judgments read out the reasons and allow me to explain!
Reason #9 No one to say “you’re not going to wear that are you?”
Well, it’s not much of a guy’s problem, but many girls have suffered that phrase even when single. Let it be said by parents, brothers, sometimes nosy friends and let’s just talk about that for a second because I don’t get them. I mean, do they pick on me out of care, jealousy or is it an attitude problem that they have?! I just can’t figure out whatever the tone is hinting!
Reason #11 Not being accountable to someone- If I want to do something I just do it!
Wouldn’t it be nice to travel wherever you want, spend your money as you wish and befriend whomever you like without having to consider others? That’s like a fantasy for almost every one of us, to live alone and lead our lives our own way. But the truth of the matter is, we’re always accountable to someone and sometimes that someone is ourselves!
Reason #15: I have FREEDOM of choice
That’s a far fetched dream for guys as much as it’s for girls, which can push someone to be in a relationship rather than being single for we’re forced to do many things and choose paths that we hate walking through and is all because of whom? A. society that can restrict guys’ wild dreams to standardized careers so as to afford having a family and for a girl to maintain her reputation that God knows she’s been protecting all along. B. parents who while thinking that they want the best for their children; they take away their freedom to be caged forever as their clones. C. ourselves, feeling guilty and scared to screw up, we find it inevitable to choose what’ve been already chosen for us! You tell me now, isn’t there more freedom in choosing your partner than in your life?!
Reason# 18 going out and not having to say where I’ve been or what time I should come back
This isn’t a major problem for guys but it’s for girls, God only knows the debates we’ve to win to return home only 30 min later. As girls, we’re overprotected and I enjoy that but ask any girl what would you do if you’re a guy for one day? And you’ll be getting one answer, see the streets after 12:00 am!
Reason#43 You are entitled to an opinion!
If you’re an opinionated person by nature, one who stands his/her ground, no one can ever push you over no matter how much you’re in love; you’ll still be entitled to your opinions and beliefs. You might let that go once or twice but if you’re a push over don’t blame it on relationships!

The thing is being single isn’t just a status indicating you’re available but it’s more of an independency pattern like an attitude. I’ve always been spoiled, treated like a princess and I cherish that but I admit that I’ve never lived independently all the way, even when single I was still attached to family and friends. I used to admire girls who did whichever they wanted behind their parents’ backs, for their ability to keep their parents in the dark and still sleep at night when I was the goody who brushed her teeth and drank her milk but to think about it they’re plain cowards! 

May be it’s because of our culture that we view people who live their lives out in the open as maniacs as if committing a crime for not being imprisoned like the rest of us! There’re lots of people called single but the truth is they’re more attached than those in relationships, I don’t know if that’s good or bad news but I do know that even the tiniest outrageous action will never grant you the title “single”!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Diva Im Bau

Welcome ladies… and gentlemen- I’m actually flattered that you decided to show up again, however the rules are still the same though- after the tragic crisis we’ve been through, I have to thank all who helped us in compensating for the actions of those who ashamed us, last time we were trying so hard to make a mend for their actions and said that we’ll look in the deeper fixing part later and that day is finally here…-applause-

Underneath each one’s chair, you’ll find a beautiful fresh red rose, take it please it’s yours!! It’s a nice gesture right?-humming noises- You’re feeling happy that you’re holding on to something of such beauty but at the same time you fear that it’ll soon be dead right?-amazed looks- for the gentlemen, this is the feeling that you’re supposed to get when you see a nice lady and for the ladies the roses are you!!

If you’d kindly take a look at the session’s title, I know it’s a bit unfamiliar so allow me to elaborate more. The word diva describes a girl with a rare outstanding talent, it was used with female opera singers and it comes down from the ancient Italian word meaning goddess. As for im Bau it’s German and means under construction. What I mean by this is that there are girls who were born as natural Divas while others who try to imitate blindly turn out to be nothing but funny clowns-that’s so harsh!!- Simply because they copy everything and leave behind the one thing, the essence that makes a girl worth being called a Diva!!

Forgive my serious tone, but as you know we always have fun and good laughs but today it’s dead serious… We are here to rebuild our glory…

Now there are a lot of things we can talk about like the attractive yet unique looks, the fun loving personality that instantly gets everyone hooked or the interesting, mysterious life that makes people think that she’s somehow a superstar! Yet again, every girl can be that or act as if she’s that magnificent. Only one type of girls can pull the whole diva glow thing off and those are the ones with self-confidence- silent for a while then sudden loud whispers- Oh, come on don’t be that way… I can hear you and to answer you, yes you’re here for that only!!

Ok, let me ask you a question; who here can honestly tell me that she’s never felt inferior, that she’s not so helpless to easily become the person she wants to be without even considering what others might think of her?! I know that I have felt inferior and helpless and I bet that most of you did or still do…

So, please just give me a chance; all I’m saying is there are times when every girl feels confident whether because she’s wearing a new outfit that hides her flows or that she has finally reached something she was trying so hard to get. However, those are only moments and are soon to be over once she sees another girl who happens to have the only thing that she misses. It’s ridiculous really; I mean if you tried to look at your life you’ll find it so fulfilling with lots of activities, a nice career, and lots of friends while hers is nothing compared to yours. Despite of all your blessings you can’t help but think of the very few things that she has but you lack!

Now, am I getting through to you?-humming-Ok, let’s move on…

Self-confidence tells you how secure you really are, it’s basically something you learn or gain. It’s a very important issue because only confident people can find an easy way to success simply because they do what they believe to be right, even if others mock or criticize them. And the good news is that they aren’t totally perfect no one is but they’re not that self-centered! I mean that most people who lack self- confidences are self-conscious all the time…Ok, close your mouths. I’ll make it easier, the reason most girls loose their confidence is because they are all the time concentrating on themselves, all the time comparing themselves to others and believe me that’s why they’re so jealous. As competent and self-confident people are incapable of jealousy due to the fact that jealousy equals insecurity if you know what I mean!! To be more precise; if you are the type of girl or guy cause I’ve been neglecting the gentlemen a whole lot this evening who governs her/his behavior based on what people think or usually prefer to stay in your comfort zone to avoid failure or risks then congratulations you suffer from low self-confidence!! And to start solving this issue you need to know that it isn’t an overnight acquisition, it takes time but totally worth it.
So, to work on that I have a six steps plan to help you people-applause-

1. Recognize your insecurities, but please be honest about them even if they’re just your hair!!
2. Wear them on your sleeves, in other words focus on them and understand that it’s absolutely crucial to work on them if you want to move on
3. Always and especially at the times you feel bad about yourselves remember your good sides, your accomplishments. Everyone is good at something even the shallowest people!!
4. Be thankful for what you have, it’s a very important step because too many people overvalue what they aren’t and undervalue what they are.
5. Stay positive and avoid self-pity. People will never know you have a problem unless you show them, may be it’s the nervousness or the overly used apologies that gives them a hint about how you feel.
6. If you act confident you’ll actually believe that you are. I’ll tell you a little something that I do, but promise not to make fun of it because it has been really helpful. I have this other imaginary perfect vision of me that I use whenever I feel that I’m about to loose my confidence, I instantly think I’m her and start walking and talking like her for a while till I regain my self-confidence and it actually works!!

To think about it ladies, you’ll find that self-confidence is truly the one thing that can make a normal girl a diva others look up to and hope that one day they can be her. It’s not always about looks or style because many girls have that and still they might not be as attractive as someone who can speak up and literally make a difference because a diva is a girl that can’t be easily erased from your memory exactly like that beautiful red rose.
Always remember that to be a real diva, that’s a full time job, it requires a lot of work because the real secret to total magnificence is to believe in yourselves and have the self confidence you need… Good luck everybody, I’ll miss you all

Diva Delights

Welcome ladies … and gentlemen- if only you promise to have an open mind about that, we’ve been through enough- we are here today to discuss an unfortunate incident!! Yes, ladies we are facing a serious problem here, it’s our reputation, it’s has been officially ruined!! We have become the mock of every media; TV, magazines, newspapers even on the internet. I’m telling you it’s everywhere; Top 10 women you don’t want to date, women to stay away from, 10 things men hate about women and much more… What could’ve we possibly done to deserve that?! Is it all because we tend to talk about our feelings a lot or is it that we go public with our problems unashamed of them?
Long ago we fought for our equality with men and when we’re somehow close we are still shown off as the crazy, most irrational gender!! Well, it’s a price we’ve to pay since we’re in the spotlight all of our flaws are in display. No matter what is the reason behind that we need to work here fast. And I happen to have an idea, due time limit we can’t possibly change the feminine figures that caused this mess in the first place instead we can start by justifying their deeds first and look into that disciplinary issue later and here’s how…
I think we should begin with the most common Diva because let’s face it she lives in each and every one of us. We are starting with- drum roll please-

1. The Red carpet celebrity:
You can easily spot that diva, she’ll be walking tall, fast enough to make the noise necessary to be noticed while her eyes casually but fiercely scanning the room. She loves the attention and will do anything to have it! Many can be considered as red carpet celebrities but only a few can master in it. This girl is very high maintenance but not necessarily shallow. What guys love most about her is that they love the look and surprisingly the respect they get when seen with a gorgeous girl. After all it’s not her fault that she’s so obviously attractive that guys are drooling all over her. Who can blame her if she’s to spend hours talking about her shopping sprees, her daily yoga classes and the compliments she’s heard through out the day, that’s all are just overwhelming. It’s only natural if the girl doesn’t want to listen to a guy’s problems or his tiring work journal, she could get nervous or God forbid sympathize with him and ends up with early wrinkles around her eyes. We can all agree here that this is not a pretty image!!

2. The love sick puppy:
Love means oxygen when it comes to this diva. You’ll find her always falling in and out of love, saying that this time is different, that she’s found the one!! She’s so caught up in her emotions that she becomes the classical needy, clingy and whinny girl and before she realize that, her love will be running for his life!!
May be she never knew love before or she’s been so lonely that she gets attached really easy, so scared to face this world all alone. I mean you can never expect her to move on easily after her life has been literally revolving around her guy or do you?! That’s just so insensitive, what do guys expect us to do?! If they’re really good to us and they’re everything we ever wanted, they can never get out of this like that. This could get really UGLY- if you know what I mean-.
“I can see that some guys are babbling back there, we really don’t have the time for that, you need to just shut up and listen to what we have to say!!”

3. The Big Green Monster:
Now this is both fun and realistic. Her life silently turns into a living hell if she caught her guy just glimpsing at another girl, can you blame her?! And since her life will be that hard, guys shouldn’t expect their lives to get any easier. But that’s not all, she’ll be even greener if it was an innocent look to a friend, believe me the walls will be crashing down on his head and I mean it!! Let’s take a moment here shall we, something must have happened for her to act this way. In other words, she has either caught her guy cheating on her before, that she decided no more trust or that he never gives her the attention she needs, more like an assurance, that she’s the only one for him. I guess I’m right on this one, don’t you think?!-Fiercely looking at the guys!-

4. Mrs. Perfect:
This diva has been searching all her life for perfection. She’s trying so hard to avoid any possible but unexpected mistake. Carefully watch the way she talks, dress and acts; you’ll see a true lady!! I know you’re thinking so what’s wrong with that?! But here’s the thing, the tiniest criticism or the most innocent comment could have her dripping in tears with big sad dog eyes. She’s only considering what’s perfect from her own perspective; she wants everything to be perfect that it becomes impossible to argue with her. But I think that this is only normal, after all, the girl is trying really hard, guys should just think of better ways to communicate or learn how to be perfect themselves.
5. She’s the boss:
Usually this diva isn’t only bossy but sly too, she can get any guy right where she wanted before he knows it!! Most of the guys are resented by this type of girls because deep down inside they have this huge male ego that won’t let them go with the flow!! They need to feel mannish about themselves and apparently this can’t be done unless they get hold of everything. But here’s a question, what on earth are we supposed to do if you guys- looking more fiercely- can’t handle a thing!! Should we just let it go and wait for everything to be ruined including our relationships, will that make you happy- more looking- ?! Well, I believe that everything in this world needs a boss, even if you regard you’re self as one and you’re doing it all wrong then someone has to step up and take full control. You just have to accept that, there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it!!- Laughing-

6. it’s a baby girl!!
The thing about this diva is that she’s unsure about everything. She simply drives him up the wall as she sit there calmly asking him for the millionth time what to do, what to wear, what to eat and where to go!! Now this is crazy, I mean its endearing really. I don’t understand what’s so bad about that, she’s your girl and she needs your help to figure out what to do with her daily life. How many times have you come around asking her for advice?! Has she ever shut you down? NO, and she never will, because that’s what relationships are all about being there for each other. I really don’t understand why guys are complaining about that, they turn their cells off to avoid us asking questions in the middle of the day. Guys are always saying that they love to know everything about their girlfriends and when we try to do that, they simply cut us out!! You don’t have to be mean about that saying- now in tears- that you feel like you’ve adopted an 8 year old girl!!
I apologize for that unexpected incident; I guess I was caught up in the moment.
Anyway, I saved the worst for last, now you have to know that this type of girl is really rare…

7. A girl with an Attitude… vicious, bitter and evil:
I couldn’t find an appropriate expression for this diva- I can hardly call her one- but she’s the worst, you need to stay away from her and I don’t mean guys only. Seriously, this girl gets worked up over everything, she starts screaming and yelling simply humiliating you regardless of whatever you’ve done to upset her. And it’s not only about her loud voice that helps the repulsion but it’s the way she acts so brutally inconsiderate of anyone’s feelings. She usually talks or acts so fast that makes your head spin not knowing how to react; you simply stand there in shock!! It’s more like I do and say whatever I want to and you have to live with it!! No, this is unacceptable, but like I said we can’t afford to change them right now so we have to find excuses…
-Silent for a long time- may be they’ve been through a lot that they decided no more Mrs. Polite; it’s me against the world now. If I can’t have whatever I want the normal human way I can use my voice and my vicious attitude!! Oh, what am I doing?! I’m really speechless. If you meet someone like that stay calm or fight back, we are out of options here really!!

Well, remember that we’re doing this for all the girls out and for ourselves. We have paid for every mistake any of those girls have done. Guys think that we are all the same and they are dead wrong. Maybe we share one or two qualities in common but they shouldn’t act like they’re flawless too. Everyone is capable of change even the girls with the attitude problem but only if they find a worthy person. So, spread the word and tell me what happens after all every girl has to get her delights form somewhere!! See you all next time… - applause-

Friday, November 14, 2008

Potentials of evil (Published Campus October 2008)

There’s a reason why we get to see the dark-side of people and that is frequent interactions!
Because when you come to reminisce about how sweet and kind they were, and how stupid you are for believing that. It will finally hit you that what you met the couple first encounters were actually the one-dimensional version of them, not the whole package. And if you’re someone pretty much like yours truly, who gets easily fooled by the lavishing smiles and the “sincere” compliments, it will take too long before you realize that the bunny came out of their hats!
Like they say keep your friends close, keep your enemies even closer. But sometimes we don’t have a choice, sometimes we’re forced to deal with our enemies on daily bases! Ok, may be the word enemy is overstating it, still, they’ll send their harmful rays miles away just to irritate the hell out of you!
I’m talking here about the fab. five, the potential sources of evil invading our existence, the most annoyingly, nerve-wrecking human beings who by the way proved that with them in the picture, life couldn’t get any more troubling- uhm, I mean exciting :S!

Have more fear, the ex’s are here!
Everyone has a past with one incident or two to hide.
Regretful or not, that’s not the issue for the point is you want that door slammed. And just when you’re about to get that peace of mind; a clown from your past shows up to ruin the day. Like in old – and recent- movies just when the hero is about to kiss the girl, the villain emerges although he had all movie to do that! However, the ex’s isn’t inclusive on ex-lovers but ex- best friends as well who apparently had fun stabbing you in the back and decided to come back for more. Or had fun being stabbed themselves! Regardless of the situation because it’s in the past now, you want to protect the future and parts of the unrefined present thus it’s only logic to bring in the phasing out guns!

The Thunderous Thuds!
When love was presented to us as the ultimate blessing, it was also promised its curses. Those curses, despite the countless difficulties faced in romance, personalize in one entity that is the mother-in law!
Apart from of the relationship level, you can always feel her crawling steps breaking in your lives. But to be fair, sometimes or rarely all she wants is to make sure that her baby is happy, whether by threatening to take your life or suck the fun out of it, it always lead to the same ending; a doomed relationship.

Jealousy kills all!

Unfortunately, friends happen to be no angels, just other sinful creatures with the worst evil powers ever!
Putting aside the good times, the laughs and the reviving craziness, they can’t help feeling jealous over something you have that they happen to want.
A nice job or a nice person, doesn’t matter, for they know you very well, they know your weaknesses and your strengths and worst of all, they know how to fool you best! But this should come as no shocker for this is human nature and regardless of how cherished those friends may be, at the end of the day they still a humans!

The replacement is no good!It’s only natural to find yourself stuck in a situation when a parent leaves. Voluntarily or not, that’s part of the vulnerability, but not the catch. Dealing with a step-parent is a tricky business, because you’re waiting for the resentment dust to settle and apparently it doesn’t want to. Your fighting a 2-fold fight at the same time, one on the inside and the other with that person who is forced into your life promising to make it, well, not miserable but different and you don’t want that. It’s all just a big loud scream that no one has to or should hear it but you!

Bossy is the middle name!When adulthood hits, along comes submission, disgrace and utter helplessness! If for once this phrase “When I grow up, I’ll be the boss of me” bubbled in your head, please I beg of you, delete, delete and delete! Yes, life is harsh that way. When we were helpless kids and destined with the meanest most hateful teacher ever, we believed that this is just a phase we have to walk through to reach freedom. But when this exact same scenario happens recurrently with every stage we exceed, college, work and even family. I’m thinking there should be a special reward for those who are forced to put up with the bossy bosses other than waiting for the sweet relief of death!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

" Al Zaar" The Egyptian Exorcism Ritual

There are many things we encounter everyday that is utterly unexplainable, but we manage to pour the blame on the lack of will, karma or even a hidden sense of self-destruction. Others or the majority, for the sake of precision, won’t buy such non-materialistic reasons, thus a totally different set of reasons had to be created…
Since as far as humanity remembers, jealousy and magic played the leading roles as the only acceptable reasons for all the things we can’t control like delayed marriage age, inability to bare children, sexual incompetence, limited income and many more…
Call it lack of faith, stupidity or even unconditional weakness, for in the end it’s only the absurd kindness and the absolute belief that evil comes only from people that lead them to Al Zaar, the only place where those forces people employ can be put to stop and consequently set their humble lives back on track…

Al Zaar as an event never failed change; descending from the Atheist African tribes as a way to heal bizarre cureless diseases, it ended up as a widely practiced ritual to release jinn from the humanly bodies!
Since its early use in Egypt in the 1870’s, Al Zaar has been surrounded by this alluring mystery that left almost everyone enticed and eager for a quick try. We’ve earned our modest knowledge of Al zaar from the screen but actually there’s much more to it than the smoky room and the blood smearing fiesta…

To be able to comprehend all the unfamiliar actions performed during the ceremony, you have to know that the entire thing is based upon blind trust and inherited beliefs. Like the reason behind all the deafening noise is an ancient principle, that a jinn is merely weak and defeatable when forced to spell out his name, and accordingly loses his power over the invaded person. Only then a deal can be made with the jinn, either to leave the person peacefully- as in without harming any of his interior or exterior organs- or stays in helplessly with no power or affect what so ever!

Giving that Al Zaar is defined as mainly a womanly event where tambourines are hit and oblations are presented, thus it’s only natural for its leader to be a woman usually called the “Koddeya”.
Al Koddeya carries the responsibility of Al Zaar on her shoulders, as she plays the medium’s role between the patient and the jinn. Usually she inherited such profession from her mother and accordingly is expected to pass it on to her daughter or one of her helpers if she didn’t have any.
To perform such communication with the jinn she to first categorizes him in terms of the region of his origin, religion, sex and language. Because if, for example, the jinn was Arabian, then the entire theme of Al Zaar turns Arabian, the clothes, the music, the amulets and the songs all are said in Arabic and so on… After the communication starts, Al Koddeya has to know the purpose of the haunting, whether its jealousy, magic, lust, accommodation or sometimes it’s the fear of the jinn for the person’s well fair that moves him to the invasion! It happens more like a race where instead of having an evil spirit haunting the body, a religious peaceful one jumps in to the rescue!

After the most important info has been gathered about the Jinn, Al Zaar begins with the Tambourine group playing the right tone for “Al 2syad” (the lords) to provide the necessary aid for Al Koddeya to eject the Jinn. Added to the specific clothes and the oblations that “the lord” asked specifically for, there’s the amulets that is required to have certain shapes, writings and are worn by Al Koddeya as accessories over her head and for the helpers each to wear that of “the lord” haunting her!

Al Koddeya, regularly performs three types of Zaars:
1. A weekly Zaar intended for showing respect to “Al 2syad” (the lords) and it’s mainly attended by Al Zaar addicts who can’t survive life without the relieving feeling brought by such ritual.
2. A massive Zaar, dedicated to healing all incurable diseases with the help of “the lords”. Thus “the lords” have to be pleased and begged for such great favor with all the different kinds of rituals the music and tremendous amounts of oblations and sacrifice are presented.
3. A yearly Zaar, which usually takes place during Ragab of each year as all Zaars are put to stop during Ramadan with no exception what so ever. This Zaar is exclusively performed for certain “lords” Al Koddeya knows and asks for help regularly.

The undeniable believe in the effects of Al Zaar, transformed the once known as an ancient ritual for completely different reasons to a merciless profitable business spreading faster than fire. And regardless of the reason why people head to such forgeries, it still is what it is, an eternal phenomena that is now available on CDs and cassette tapes!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama's Omen Preview... The Egyptian Version

A beacon of hope struck the world by the 5th of November, leaving each heart pounding faster and each soul fascinated by what tomorrow may bring. It was more like melancholy; the entire world was awakened at that very particular day, even more inspired by the sentence “today Obama made history” than the change in itself. Why did the entire world care? Why wasn’t it just another ordinary election? Why is every media source still -to this day- occupied by the dissection of such story? And most importantly what’s so special about this man?!

Anyone but Bush!When it comes to experiences, it’s the mistakes we make that help shape up our future. Entirely true, and I couldn’t agree more, especially that those previously mentioned mistakes are concerned mainly with individual ones. But what happens when you carry the responsibility of a nation on your shoulders? Mmm … I’m thinking there’s no room for mistakes here and if the entire world including your country are suffering from a decision that you alone or to be more specific you and your loyal of advisors perceive as the right thing to do, then Mr. former president, something must be wrong and excuse our tiny minds for not viewing the vision behind the wise decision of a war!
It was like fashion week with desperation as the main theme, everyone was ready to vote for anyone as long as this someone wasn’t Bush. A man whom I personally feel sorry for, yet I can’t come to terms with his destructive decisions that didn’t only affect America but have spread their poisonous arms throughout the world. At first, everyone adopted the “Bush exorcism” attitude but it wasn’t long before people returned to their senses with the real reason they wanted Bush out, a massive reality change…

Hailing Hillary…It all begins the day Hilary Clinton announced her candidacy, you see as Egyptians or Arabs in general we’re only looking for compassion, someone to show mercy and feel for all the mothers out there who’ve lost their children as a result of America’s intolerable-“we’re saving the world” – war. Hell, American moms we’re looking for the same thing! So who better to understand and connect to such problems like a woman?! Thus the marvelous possibility of a kind-hearted yet powerful women taking control over the world’s strongest country dazzled our minds and provoked our imagination, but it was over soon…

The Oathed Blessing Any Mankind Awaits: OBAMA!And we find ourselves yet again filled with despair, for the change that we await has evolved from “Anyone but Bush” to a promise that we’ll earn our rights for peaceful living once again. At first, Barack Obama striked me as an American citizen of African Origins who’s strong enough to ride the harsh storm accompanying his candidacy but nothing more, I didn’t give him that much of attention he deserved. May be because, it was painful to witness the Hillary bubble burst that nothing else mattered, it was another election, another president and another tragedy to be unfolded…
It wasn’t until the hard to miss buzz created over the Obama vs. McCain survival of the fittest war began that got every single person engaged in the most captivating elections ever to be witnessed. Why?! 3 reasons:
1. America being the most powerful country in the world, it sure has touched -destructed - so many lives. Thus it was inevitable for the entire world to express their concern by simply watching. Like for example Iraq, a country dragged into a war I never found a logical explanation for or a solid reason behind. For us, it was a direct intrusion and an answer for help that was never even called. Something like a sudden hurricane, where a country loses its shield over night and parents lose their children over a stranger’s strike. Although, happiness had no place in misery, it found an empty spot in my heart when I discovered that America- as citizens- also hated this bitter war and not only that, they were- just like us- suffering its consequences. A topic that had all of us leaning a little bit more towards Obama, as he promised to immediately withdraw from Iraq and have all troops out within 16 months! A time that we’ll have to wait impatiently for but entirely sure that Obama will be true to his words as he publically declared that “It is long past time to turn the page in Iraq, where each day we see the consequences of fighting a war that should never have been authorized and should never have been waged” at the Senate debate, July 18
2. As America’s internal affairs were pretty much tanking, something had to be done and I don’t mean the accustomed nip and tuck procedures, a new vision was needed here. Added to that the economic anguish that has affected the whole world leaving no room for trial and error but a quick, decisive and productive rescue plan!
3. After hearing about each candidate views regarding current important topics, it was time to get to know the man behind the title and his humanity composition. Note: from this point onwards, I’ll be talking from my own point of view as an Egyptian woman.
Following Hillary Clinton; Obama’s the one I was able to connect with the most, not because I had a crush on him, nor was I on the verge of becoming an “Obama girl”! It all had to do with impressions, he was able to maintain this smart, I know what I’m doing attitude and an assertive tone reflecting his self-confidence. In addition to his background, an African American with a Muslim father, not that I’m being biased or anything, but it’s just that I know he’ll have a better understanding to the nature of the religion more than anyone else. Also being an African American, Obama has the discrimination scenery down and knows quite well how to deal with any evolving consequences.

Barack Obama has transformed a long sought- after dream that has moved Rosa Parks into action to a reality and I can’t put it better than an African American mother who said “Before, when people used to tell me that my son can be the next USA president, I used to nod along in uncertainty. But now I can honestly say, YES HE CAN!”
And this is exactly the point, hope; hope for a better future, a better world and a better nation. But among all the excitement and anticipation the world have, I’m scared of disappointment; I’m scared of all the “what ifs” possible. What if Obama failed to keep his promises? What if he couldn’t retreat the American army? What if he decided to invade another country?
It’s all in my head I know, but what he did, what America did, was very inspiring that until that day we still hail its occurrence and I’m thinking it’ll be too darn hard to let go of that hope.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Stream of Consciousness Vol.3

- I know who I am & I know what I'm capable of. Period
- When my actions aren't speaking your language, watch out for the deafening voice.
- Coping with change doesn't make you a hero but a machine.
- No one can see through me for I'm not that transparent to begin with.
- Domination is never achieved when both lions are in for the kill
- I hold you dearly in my heart but in my mind you're just another crossing throught.
- Excretion is nature's way of telling you, you're full of shit.
- Why is it that everything we crave is sinful?
- Everyone has an ulterior motive. Period
- Embracing Differences holds the secret path to unity.
- Perseverance, chivalry and Aspiration are all qualities of bumped off heros
- Why can't parents be always parents, not another humans with needs?!
- Complaining is nothing but a bridge starting with absorbing the shock and ending with forceful commitment to regretful reactions.
- It's funny how we always choose to cry on the wrong shoulder.
- We live at a time when silence is the ultimate resolver.
- It all comes down to prespective when calling someone young yet experienced, ambitious or troubled!
- Break the light or darkness, doesn't matter as long as you do something different.
- Shopping for women means a temporary feeling of control
- If the truth lies in a deserted island, with 55 paths of which only one leads you there, will you bother trying?!
- Time is not moving fast, it's us who've lost the respect for it.
- Women are just as mean as men. Period.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Stream of consciousness (That you have to put up with AGAIN!)

- People keep on babbling about how shameful it is to remember Allah during the tough times only when it’s a blessing to even remember Him then for there are millions of those who didn’t and ended up in a grave they dug themselves
- In devotion lays submission and in submission lays unconditional trust
- Everyone gets their share of drama, it’s an unmistakable truth, even if they show you otherwise
- Having the perfect figure doesn’t give you happiness, it’s figuring the perfect-ness in your life that does it
- The best way to stop crying over spilt milk, is to thank God that you didn’t have to drink in the first place
- Why do people insist on seeing me as a good, innocent girl when I can’t wait for those moments when I turn bad
- If what I had was the perfect closure then why do I keep lingering for another chance?
- Work is an anticipated era in a person’s life, just like puberty, you hail its arrival and despise its persistence
- I’m addicted to every fattening food there is. That’s just my curse
- It is pathetic how everyone’s trying to hide in a transparent shell, when the truth can get you covered for a lifetime.
- Humanity has become a luxury that 95% of humans can’t afford
- You can’t just leave unannounced and expect people to remember your face
- Men see with their eyes only what they desire while women see only with their hearts. Period
- My hopes are something I have no control over and I’m thankful for that. Period.
- Popularity is subjective. It just is subjective
- When it comes to sharing food, there’s always someone who secretly wishes for you to get full faster so he can take your piece
- No one knows someone all that well for people don’t even know themselves or else why on earth are they taking those personality tests?!
- An endless love isn’t endless because of the eternal fondness but for its endless chase
- What I look forward to is an infinite list. Bit me! I’m just greedy that way
- I lost my rock 4 years ago, that explains my protectiveness over the people who currently provide for my security.
- I dream of success and passion, yet I’m reluctant to pay my dues
- Life is never what it seems because we always seem it wrong!

My Stream of consciousness (That you have to put up with!)

- People blaming others is a vicious maze, where you’ve to figure out the starting
point to find your way to the end
- Only a person can know his true worth, for people will only portray what they think
of him
- There’s no such thing as satisfaction, never was and never will be. Period
- Butterflies signals all sorts of feelings whether in your head or your stomach
- Anticipation is neither good nor bad, it’s simply a justifiable neutral ground till the worst
- Equality used to be a human right, now it’s one of the very successful- I might add- hypocrisy
-Never put the needs of others ahead of yours for no one will do you the same honor
- When you’re about to fall, it’s better to land on a strong arm than a broken leg
- I don’t see why I have to give up food for clothes or clothes for food, when they’re only two sides of a coin. It’s just that when you choose to look at one side you can’t see the other at
the same time
- It’s a cultural belief that elders are to gain the youngsters respect but what happens when the elders
decide to fail that?
- Hate me, fry me, bake my, try me, all the above and I’ll still fall for the same trap
- Too much daydreaming will kill reality for you’ll be living in your own head
- There are no angels on this earth, just another sinful creatures
- Nothing ever comes by a chance, there’s always a consequence of which you forgot its action
- Forgiveness denotes your importance while forgetfulness signifies that you meant nothing to that
-In rough times, it’s comforting to know that God is providing you with the shield. But it’s you who has to fight the battle of life
- Thank you for all the things you’ve given me, but it’s your heart which I’m truly blessed to have
- Why do all men think of themselves as mortal creatures when it’s a scientific fact that women live longer than men?
- There are a lot of things that I’m willing to accept. Dad’s death isn’t one of them