Monday, February 11, 2013

On finding my "calling" or whatever!

I have come a long way from knowing absolutely nothing about my gifts, to knowing a little bit, to thinking that I know it all, to here... Where I am flat out confused!

Between the words, the fashion, the media, and the academics, I'm completely and impressively lost!

So I keep on reading, researching, and revisiting my old passions in a desperate attempt to discover what Oprah names my CALLING...

There are two types of people in everyone's life; those who are there to make you appreciate your gifts; others who will make you want to start over.

Pain is never exclusive

In my world; WORDS speak louder than ACTIONS.

A life-taught lesson; shame commences revolutions.

When it comes to beauty, God has the best taste.

Lies are always subjective; honesty is rarely objective.

Either figure out a way to worthiness, or create an exit for uselessness.

The older we grow, the lonelier we get. Period

Wish I had spent time wasted thinking about me, rather than on what people might think of me.

Ignoring is the best instantaneous cure.

Waiting does put out fires; passions too,

There is always a Plan B.

A talented man creates possibilities out of nothing; a tedious man kills what he loves the most.

One day my dreams will be my present.

The deadliest combination is a tongue that moves faster than the mind; and a mind that moves faster than actions.

Chances are to be taken at your risk. Period

The moment you'll stop feeling sorry for yourself is the same moment all your excuses will jump right out of the window.

Don't blame me for my slackness when all you did was make excuses for me.

Maturity kicks in when YOU are no longer your BIGGEST concern.

Logic is not the same with everyone. Period

Choosing a path does not guarantee the commitment.

It is not important to know what you want, knowing what you need is enough.

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