Saturday, August 23, 2014


I blow smoke to your face
To everything you stand for and everything you believe in
To your invincible chains and countless restrictions

Here I am standing right where you told me not to

Wearing what you once called unacceptable
Holding something you never thought I knew
Inhaling poison to exhale your toxins out

You taught me love then took it away

You fed me security then left me alone
You gave me freedom yet you forbade it

And here I am… blowing smoke to your face

I no longer fear you…

I no longer need you…
I no longer belong to you…

Watch me walk away

Watch me as I succeed
Watch me as I stand my worth
Watch me as I move on
Watch me as I kiss another man

And weep…

Grab your heart
Present it to me
And I’ll refuse

I will not fall for you

I will not pity you
I will not give you another chance

I won and you lost

I broke your code and spread my virus
I stole your strength and left you restless
I am building a future while you’re living in the past

I have grown stronger… I broke free

Look at me...
Now I can blow smoke to your face

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