Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cold War; when two girls fight over a guy (CONVO magazine)

Do you think guys are the only ones who check girls out? Nope, girls do that to, not for the same reasons of course or I hope not but it’s in those glares girls’ exchange that hold the true meaning of rivalry. They can greet one another warmly while holding on to their despise, however it’s their willingness to change to get that something/someone they desperately desire that portrays how deep they’re willing to go. Competing with an actual predator is nothing less of a science, even though it’s fun to watch, it requires a long list of phases players have to pass successfully to proceed with a game where nothing is allowed to go wrong as the only way to the exit door is through a humiliating walk of shame!

Phase 1: Look for details to get the big pictureWhen a girl likes a guy, she’s sensitive to everything he says to her, to other girls and everything other girls do around him. For that, a girl is capable of seeing the simplest gestures suggesting that another one is falling for the same guy. Even though he might not be that interested, if there’s one thing you should know about girls, it’s that once they want someone, they; one; consider him private property, two; they’ll get him by whichever means and three; they’ll keep it a secret until it happens! Now it’s time for the game to start but it’s much of a silent game at this point since neither of them is willing to sacrifice her desire, then why open up a discussion that will surely force one to step back! Preferably, keep a low profile and hope for the best!

Phase 2: Keep your friends close; keep your enemies even closer.
It’s out of question that she needs to know her potential guy first, listen carefully when he brags about his ex-conquests; memorize his likes and dislikes to be his perfect match from heaven. But that other girl requires technique, for no girl is that stupid to worry about winning a guy over and fighting with another girl at the same time, that’s a distraction! She needs to have them all on the same side. So, they must be best friends, really tight best friends. She needs to know her inside out, know her strengths and most importantly her flaws which will help with kicking her out of the picture. Thus they spend day and night together lunching, shopping, jogging and the heart-heart sessions are vital for their bonding. That’s when they get to talk about everything including him! While sharing their thoughts about the new guy, she starts throwing in some funny comments about how he’s weird and all, erasing every possibility that she might be into him. After these missions have been successfully accomplished, the fierce part of the game’s about to start. Since the other girl no longer thinks of her new best friend as an opponent so she lay off, thinking it’s only a matter of time before he asks her out but it only takes one signal to get her feeling confused and left out. It goes something like this…
G1- the guy: "You’re always like that; remember that time in high school?"
G2 (:-o): "I didn’t know you two go a long way back!
G1 calmly: Oh, no it’s just a story he told me"
Done and done…

Phase 3: The weakest always survive!Now that she’s got the other girl doubtful again, she goes acting like an innocent dove sticking to her fake best friend like glue, narrating every single detail that’s happening with her life excluding him of course, misleading her with the "you know everything" bit to keep her in the dark. But she doesn’t want that girl to divert her from her goal; hence she goes for the female most decisive weapon; her weakness. Yes, in nature the strongest survive, but in girls’ norms it is the weakest who survive!
So, it must seem like unintended, something as simple as illness, something that’s not her fault! That way she’ll get the special attention she needs along with the phone calls where he checks on her but usually turns into an all-nighter and they’ll get a lot closer. Consequently, they’ll be acting all yummy and cute since they can’t seem to stop talking about each other but it won’t be too long before the now outsider picks up on that. Feeling betrayed she’ll try to win him back but it’s too late now, he’s already hocked. And before she gets to plan her battle, she’s surprised with her soon to be ex-best friend talking to her about something she never wished to hear…
G1 (;-D): Guess what? He finally asked me out
G2 (:-o): Finally, Congrats!
G1 ;-): Thanks, I new you’d be happy for me. Go shopping today? I’ve to look good for our first date.
G2 slyly: sure. (I’m thinking something ugly!)

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