Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Egyptian sex code (Convo October 08)

In almost every country there happens to be 2 taboos; politics and religion. But in Egypt and some Arabian countries, we couldn’t settle for less than 3; politics, religion and sex!
And even though it’s a taboo, as a society we forced a bunch of codes 3shan 2al el eh nenazam el 3amalya, for everyone has to know his rights and limits! But what the founders of the Egyptian-sex code- whom I sincerely which a lifetime of happiness in hell- didn’t realize, is that what they actually created had put a large crimp in our already scattered world and here’s why…

#1: The porn denial
2olna meet mara, we need a proper sex-education from a reliable and respectful source w m7adsh sem3! Now, it’s almost a marvel when a kid gets educated by his parents about such a life necessity! Tyb what happens to the remaining less fortunate population? Since curiosity happens to be at its peak during teenage years, they’ll find out, ya3ny they’ll find out and the parents will never in a million years believe such thing unless they see it for themselves.
And even then they’ll have to go through 2 stages to develop a reaction. First as they walk in on their teenage son and see him trying to turn off the screen, they give him the “kda y’ Ahmed” look then shut the door before he sees how proud they are that their baby boy has finally grown up and started thinking about “those stuff”.
And then when the incidence sinks in, they bring the boy because they believe that it’s time for “the talk” and a slap or two wouldn’t hurt 3shan el prestige! Now presuming the same situation but for the daughter! The stages disappear and there’s only one reaction “Traaaaaaaaaaa55555555!!!!!”

#2: 5am!
Even though there are no decent guys left in this world, fal naftared that there is a remaining bunch with what can be considered core values. The burning question here is, does every guy have to adopt the 007 attitude to be worthy of being called a complete man?!
And if it’s agreed upon that whatever one has to do to gain the “essential” basic knowledge- thus avoiding being “5am”- is religiously and socially forbidden, then why the fuss?
I personally think that to know as in to read and learn about whatever one needs to satisfy his curiosity is more than enough till his time comes, msh lazem 3mly ya3ny!

#3: 5ebra!
To truly learn about the problem of double standards in our society, you have to look through everything related to sex…
Let’s put aside the fact that God, the creator, didn’t discriminate between the genders in terms of sexual rights and adultery punishment. Humans on the other hand decided to make a law of their own where whenever a couple where caught in the act, the girl gets all the blame with a 3 years sentence and the guy who is treated as the victim who couldn’t help the massive temptation ends up spending a few months in the slammer!
That’s why the entire issue of a girl knowing something even a stereotypical info about sex comes out as a great shocker. Whether b2a she had a physical experience or theoretical info from a reliable source, doesn’t make much of a difference, for still she’ll be perceived as bg7a, 2lelet el 2dab and in some places fagra and should be put down!

#4: Only a manly need!
After all the bizarre codes we deliberately live by, this wouldn’t come as a surprise. Believing that sex is only the man’s right, portrays the woman as the obedient slave who never break the silence. And that’s a huge problem for it doesn’t only navigates the human nature but it also never fails to rip the woman off her rights to re-marry, ask for divorce when the husband is incompetent, etc…The severity of the situation can extend to dark places where sex becomes a luxury most women shouldn’t have and things will move on, bottled up as is, from one generation to the next till adultery cases multiply and eventually equaled with lying as a petty sin!

#5: 2sh3’eleh!
One of the most common jokes that when women get together absolutely have to mention about men, is how they have their ***** for brains! Denoting that sex is all that occupies their mind and hence if you want to keep your man, you better fulfill his physical appetite excessively or else he’ll be running down the streets searching for other women who can! How degrading is this for both males and females? Because if we’re going to take those beliefs for truce then welcome to the animal world where everything is allowed unless it smells like marked!


Daroosh© said...

I am SOOO with you on every single word you mentioned up there....i really like the way you ended it since i truly believe that a world where females believe all males have their brains replaced by their own ***** is no longer a decent place for anyone to live!!

keep up the great posts coming!

Marwa Rakha said...

Thanks Lobna:)


مواطن مصري said...

hay i agreeeee withe
ل الاسف المتجمع فية الكثير من الامراض الناتجة عن الانغلاق و التطرف

هناك اشياء كثير من الممنوعات مثل الجنس و السياسة و الدين

و اذا كنا نريد ان نتقدم يجب ان نكثر هذا الحاجز

انا معاكي
في الي انتي قولتية و فية كثير لازم المجتمع يناققشة من غير خطوط حمراء عشان نتقدم

Lobna Khairy said...

Thank you guys...
f3lan el mwdoo3 b2a zayed 3a el
7ad... 27na f3lan m7tageen thaqafa gensya, 3lshan noshb3 fodool el walad w el bent betare2a saleema... w da msh m3nah el baga7a 2w 2let el 2dab kol she2 m3tadl gameel w mofeed... w elli beyzeed 3an 7ado yet2eleb dedo!

Anonymous said...

im 17 we im in highschool w tbh we dont need sexual knowledge, me and my friends knw everything about sex. Believe me we do.. we kaman e7na aslan benetkalm m3 ba3d fel 7ewarat deh we walahy fahmeen kol el welad fahmeen , we ana a3raf real close female friends we beytaklmo m3aya fel 7ewarat def we homa walahy fahmeen... almost 5% out of the majority of the teens dont knw much about sex; we dont need sexual education walahi, we need obedience.. 3shan i rly get upset when i hear about some1 that got raped.. or abused in someway.

Anonymous said...

listen, im 17 we im in G11 ( high school ) k?... W tbh me and my friends no everything about sex, even the teens who seem inocent knw about it, we i got a few close female friends those speak freely with me, and believe me they know more than enough about sex. Girls @ my school now knw even more than us guys about sex. all we need now isnt sexual education , its obedience. cuz believe me walahy when i tell u that we knw more than enough about sex.

Anonymous said...

Husband and wife live the same life.