Friday, November 21, 2008

Things I think about when stuck in Traffic!

- Passion is contagious. Period
- You see incompetent cars hogging the road, such a reminiscence of our days.
- I hate the fact that people smell when it’s only 8:30am, yet I’m reluctant to pull up the window.
- Hardworking is not a trait, it’s an attitude.
- Giving up is not really my thing, it’s just a lame excuse to get out when I can’t
- Stop starring at me, I’m not as beautiful on the inside
- No one waits for pedestrians for everyone demeans interruptions
- It’s not that we can’t empathize; it’s just that we’re too self-involved to realize other people exist.
- How lovely to see guys use flowers to get to girls who still fall for the same trap.
- Why didn’t he call last night?!
- I’m a free soul, I hate control… Ew, cheesy rhyme
- Mum is really kind to let go of my gaucheness or she’s just my mum!
- Coffee makes life enjoyable. Period
- If I were the Queen of the world, will I still be able to enforce justice?
- “World’s Greatest Writer” The reason why I wake up in the morning
- Today, I will not order take-outs and will use the stairs (Yeah, right!)
- You can either accept yourself or do something to change, anything else counts as stalling!
- Is the taxi driver too greedy or is the passenger just cheap!
- Relationships are hard, alluring and all but hard!
- Britney spears should really stop singing and so should Marwa!
- Being different is dangerous in high school but in life it makes you a hero.
- Brilliancy is just luck, where you thought of an idea 10 min before others did.
- Listen, observe, feel, shut up and you’ll learn faster!
- When my maid is intentionally driving me crazy, why am I the one who should show mercy?!
- How the hell am I supposed to move places when my help refuse to… help?!
- My car’s name is “tomboka”, my laptop is “methany” and I’m LOBNA KHAIRY
- Just remember you’re 21, 21, 21 not 16, 16, 16!
- Reality is just bad digestion that won’t resolve by “AntiReal”
- Independence is my Everest
- Writing about sex, virginity, sexual education makes you famous. Period
- I hate confinement, then why am I stuck behind that truck?! Fate.
- If I- as people always tell me- have it all, then what the hell am I still doing hanging with the living?!
- There are those who come into your life to make you feel incompetent.
- Beauty is subjective, one man’s monkey is another man’s jewel
- Stubbornness gets you to make stupid things one of which singing to deaf people.
- My brain REALY hurts!
- I miss college, I miss being spoiled, look at me just another compelled employee
- Preserving my identity is nothing short of a full-time job.
- How I long for Cairo during Eid, the streets are just too empty to resist.
- If the “everyone has a book inside” is true, then why can’t I find mine?!
- Please God, let everyone driving in Cairo at 3:00pm goes to heaven.
- The misconception of women being lousy drivers is great, now I get to goof around as much as I want, after all “I’m a woman”


Anonymous said...

i love da part where you say.just remember your 21 21 21 not 16 16 16..
hata3melly eh lama fy wa7da actually gheltet we 2alt she is 25 when she is 22........... :P
yes ME :P

Lobna Khairy said...

looooooool... I'm still struggling with the fact that I'm getting older though :( It's sad really how time flies!

grey said...

just out of curiosity, were you writing these while actually being stuck in traffic or did you recall them from memory later? post.


No, actually some were recorded on my mobile, others were written later on... thank you