Monday, January 12, 2009

Invading her territory (Understanding women= A happy life!)

Most single men when asked about the women that they want to fill the unbearable void in their lives; a welcoming delightful vision of the infamous Helen of Troy fantasy comes to mind. And then they start picturing an entire life by her side, lying on the beach, sharing romantic candle light dinners, growing old together and how easily resolved their fights will be as there’s nothing in this world that could get them despising a remarkable beauty as Helen of Troy, right?! But here’s where they are wrong, or more precisely delusional. For men only see the one dimensional version of the “flawless beauty”, they focus on the one moment when women show up with their made up faces and perfect figures and that’s definitely not the ultimate truth. I personally believe that it has become one of the world most dealt with knowledge that women are clingy, whiny and needy. And despite the popularity of that priceless piece of information, men keep on forgetting about it and seem to pretty much enjoy complaining about the same characteristics that had them falling head over heels for their women. How’s that even possible? It’s a story as old as time itself, where a man eyes a beautiful weak woman and instantly answers the call for his obligation to provide her with the protection and the affection she’s missed out along her torturous long life. There’s nothing a man can appreciate more other than being wanted and needed unconditionally by his beloved spouse. And consequently, there’s nothing more calming to any woman’s endless irrational fears than knowing that she has a powerful rock onto which she can lean or even hide behind when the going gets rough.
The provocative question that has to be imposed here is, if a man is well aware of women’s nature, why is he still looking for an exceptional woman who no matter how practical or self-composed she is will inevitably show her female side?
I’d be lying straight to your faces if I claimed my full comprehension to this contradicting but understandable confusion. But I can give you this, it’s the same case with women who keep on searching for the sensitive butch guy, all the while knowing that he’ll never be found; for boys will be always be boys!

So what gives? As in the open and shut case mentioned previously for the sake of picking on men’s brains, there’s another side of the story exclusively designed to fit a woman’s brain. But first let’s have some prep talk to get you all ready for the next shocking verity. If you (talking to men here) screwed something up and thought of the perfect distraction to get your woman to forgive your childish act, think again. If you (again talking to men) think that temporary ending your fights would give her the chance to focus on something else, once more, you better think again! Okay that’s enough anticipation, now it’s time to reveal the lucid truth…

The open and shut case for women (aka her territory)
Last time we’ve covered enough ground regarding the “men think in a sequential way” notion but it’s in “the spiral way” women think with which creates more than it actually satisfies the blasting bewilderment. Considering multitasking to be the only good aspect of it, as it’s a very tiring process that consumes a lot of a woman’s energy to clear her head up. And sometimes it’s actually easier to be mentally occupied with one thing rather than a million hammering thoughts thrusting through one’s brain. To help you grasp the full picture, let’s go back to that mental apartment we portrayed last time but with slight changes. For example, men had sex to be the first thing on their minds but for women the “master room” would have to be a personal one, reflecting on their emotions. Then come family, friends, work and shopping in an order that varies according to a woman’s personality and goals in life. Now the vast difference lay in the moving pattern from one room to the next, unlike men, women don’t close any doors behind thus she can move freely from one room to the next whenever and as much as she likes. In other words, a woman could be facing a business crisis while thinking about her man and not only that but she would actually take 5 min off her busy schedule just to hear him say: “I missed you too”!
And so it’s very difficult for a woman to let go or replace one thought with another just to unwind for a bit. Now here’s the good news, considering the emotional nature which is like the most precious possession any woman cherishes, women constantly and I mean constantly think about their men. And the bad news is that they constantly think about anything related to their men, whether it’s the sweet phone call they’ve just shared or the worst fight they’ve ever had!
The reason I wanted to share this with you, especially men, is because you have to stop searching for a different kind of woman for she doesn’t exist. And since this isn’t a trait women can get over, one can say it’s in their genes, you have to start dealing with it as a solid reality. And you know what; once you try it you’re going to love it. Not only that you’ll feel good putting a smile on your beloved face but the pampery reward you’re definitely going to get will be worth every trouble along the way. For when have I ever let you down?!
And since we’ve established that mutual trust, try memorizing those facts about women every man should know by heart and watch your love life grow tremendously passionate by the minute…

1. Women are conversation oriented; they always prefer to discuss their problems even if a quick solution is at hand.

2. Women are continuously insecure about their image, telling her she looks great won’t do the work but that doesn’t mean you need to tell her the truth!

3. Women are in constant need for affection and reassurance of a man’s loyalty and eternal love regardless of how long they’ve been together.

4. The easiest way to a woman’s heart is through her ears; whisper the softest words and you’ve earned an unlimited pass to her heart, mind and soul

5. Women enjoy being emotional as they actually seek the extra care and attention that’s poured on them by their men when a single tear roll down their face.

6. When a women say that a man’s looks doesn’t matter, just know that deep down inside she’s intensely praying for a Brad Pitt look alike.

7. Most women hate to lead, but want their identities preserved, only few women want full independency and those are the exceptional distinctive women to look for.

Live to Love is the code every woman live by and to be honest, I couldn’t think of a better way to help you men understand what love feels like for a woman than Judy Garland quote that read “For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”

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