Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No such thing as "SINGLE"

At certain times in life, being in a relationship is the only way to make one feel complete again. We’ve all been there; whether by giving reasons why we’re single to convince ourselves that we’re happy or clinging to a current relationship in fear that someday we might end up all alone. Searching for happiness is endless that’s why some promote the idea that relationships aren’t that important, that we can go on unaffected, find our passion in some kind of hobby or career rather than in someone. And to be honest, that might work for some people but for the rest of us, it only takes a relationship to balance out our worlds. That’s what makes this one day - the red day - so difficult that it drives many to extremes just to get over.

Now when I think about it, although I’ve only been in one relationship yet I never felt single. The whole thing just hit me when I was trying to remember valentine’s 4 years ago, before Gohar came along. What did it feel like to be alone on that day? what I remember the most is that I was always at home, pretty much by myself as my little brother slept early, my parents usually went out, my friends were banned from leaving their homes as their parents were trying to out smart them, thinking that since they’re home, they can’t have boyfriends but Valentine’s can always be a day earlier or later as long as you get to be with the one you truly like, right?!

I won’t lie to you but remembering all that had me worried about my well being. Am I that self- absorbed that I can’t even notice when someone’s missing from my life?! But I wiped that thought right out, for if you knew me, you’ll see that I’m like a 2 year old, I start crying once my significant other leaves the room so that can’t be it and neither was I too young to realize what valentine’s day stand for, I was 16 for God’s sake!
So the thought of researching the term single wasn’t a bad idea, may be I had the entire concept wrong and that’s when I stumbled over an article that proved I’m not crazy, not self-absorbed nor gebella… I was actually never single.

The article is titled “52 reasons why it’s great to be single”
Some of the reasons aren’t that convincing for someone to stay single, only 5 of them are- how can I put it- astounding! So before you jump into judgments read out the reasons and allow me to explain!
Reason #9 No one to say “you’re not going to wear that are you?”
Well, it’s not much of a guy’s problem, but many girls have suffered that phrase even when single. Let it be said by parents, brothers, sometimes nosy friends and let’s just talk about that for a second because I don’t get them. I mean, do they pick on me out of care, jealousy or is it an attitude problem that they have?! I just can’t figure out whatever the tone is hinting!
Reason #11 Not being accountable to someone- If I want to do something I just do it!
Wouldn’t it be nice to travel wherever you want, spend your money as you wish and befriend whomever you like without having to consider others? That’s like a fantasy for almost every one of us, to live alone and lead our lives our own way. But the truth of the matter is, we’re always accountable to someone and sometimes that someone is ourselves!
Reason #15: I have FREEDOM of choice
That’s a far fetched dream for guys as much as it’s for girls, which can push someone to be in a relationship rather than being single for we’re forced to do many things and choose paths that we hate walking through and is all because of whom? A. society that can restrict guys’ wild dreams to standardized careers so as to afford having a family and for a girl to maintain her reputation that God knows she’s been protecting all along. B. parents who while thinking that they want the best for their children; they take away their freedom to be caged forever as their clones. C. ourselves, feeling guilty and scared to screw up, we find it inevitable to choose what’ve been already chosen for us! You tell me now, isn’t there more freedom in choosing your partner than in your life?!
Reason# 18 going out and not having to say where I’ve been or what time I should come back
This isn’t a major problem for guys but it’s for girls, God only knows the debates we’ve to win to return home only 30 min later. As girls, we’re overprotected and I enjoy that but ask any girl what would you do if you’re a guy for one day? And you’ll be getting one answer, see the streets after 12:00 am!
Reason#43 You are entitled to an opinion!
If you’re an opinionated person by nature, one who stands his/her ground, no one can ever push you over no matter how much you’re in love; you’ll still be entitled to your opinions and beliefs. You might let that go once or twice but if you’re a push over don’t blame it on relationships!

The thing is being single isn’t just a status indicating you’re available but it’s more of an independency pattern like an attitude. I’ve always been spoiled, treated like a princess and I cherish that but I admit that I’ve never lived independently all the way, even when single I was still attached to family and friends. I used to admire girls who did whichever they wanted behind their parents’ backs, for their ability to keep their parents in the dark and still sleep at night when I was the goody who brushed her teeth and drank her milk but to think about it they’re plain cowards! 

May be it’s because of our culture that we view people who live their lives out in the open as maniacs as if committing a crime for not being imprisoned like the rest of us! There’re lots of people called single but the truth is they’re more attached than those in relationships, I don’t know if that’s good or bad news but I do know that even the tiniest outrageous action will never grant you the title “single”!

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