Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama's Omen Preview... The Egyptian Version

A beacon of hope struck the world by the 5th of November, leaving each heart pounding faster and each soul fascinated by what tomorrow may bring. It was more like melancholy; the entire world was awakened at that very particular day, even more inspired by the sentence “today Obama made history” than the change in itself. Why did the entire world care? Why wasn’t it just another ordinary election? Why is every media source still -to this day- occupied by the dissection of such story? And most importantly what’s so special about this man?!

Anyone but Bush!When it comes to experiences, it’s the mistakes we make that help shape up our future. Entirely true, and I couldn’t agree more, especially that those previously mentioned mistakes are concerned mainly with individual ones. But what happens when you carry the responsibility of a nation on your shoulders? Mmm … I’m thinking there’s no room for mistakes here and if the entire world including your country are suffering from a decision that you alone or to be more specific you and your loyal of advisors perceive as the right thing to do, then Mr. former president, something must be wrong and excuse our tiny minds for not viewing the vision behind the wise decision of a war!
It was like fashion week with desperation as the main theme, everyone was ready to vote for anyone as long as this someone wasn’t Bush. A man whom I personally feel sorry for, yet I can’t come to terms with his destructive decisions that didn’t only affect America but have spread their poisonous arms throughout the world. At first, everyone adopted the “Bush exorcism” attitude but it wasn’t long before people returned to their senses with the real reason they wanted Bush out, a massive reality change…

Hailing Hillary…It all begins the day Hilary Clinton announced her candidacy, you see as Egyptians or Arabs in general we’re only looking for compassion, someone to show mercy and feel for all the mothers out there who’ve lost their children as a result of America’s intolerable-“we’re saving the world” – war. Hell, American moms we’re looking for the same thing! So who better to understand and connect to such problems like a woman?! Thus the marvelous possibility of a kind-hearted yet powerful women taking control over the world’s strongest country dazzled our minds and provoked our imagination, but it was over soon…

The Oathed Blessing Any Mankind Awaits: OBAMA!And we find ourselves yet again filled with despair, for the change that we await has evolved from “Anyone but Bush” to a promise that we’ll earn our rights for peaceful living once again. At first, Barack Obama striked me as an American citizen of African Origins who’s strong enough to ride the harsh storm accompanying his candidacy but nothing more, I didn’t give him that much of attention he deserved. May be because, it was painful to witness the Hillary bubble burst that nothing else mattered, it was another election, another president and another tragedy to be unfolded…
It wasn’t until the hard to miss buzz created over the Obama vs. McCain survival of the fittest war began that got every single person engaged in the most captivating elections ever to be witnessed. Why?! 3 reasons:
1. America being the most powerful country in the world, it sure has touched -destructed - so many lives. Thus it was inevitable for the entire world to express their concern by simply watching. Like for example Iraq, a country dragged into a war I never found a logical explanation for or a solid reason behind. For us, it was a direct intrusion and an answer for help that was never even called. Something like a sudden hurricane, where a country loses its shield over night and parents lose their children over a stranger’s strike. Although, happiness had no place in misery, it found an empty spot in my heart when I discovered that America- as citizens- also hated this bitter war and not only that, they were- just like us- suffering its consequences. A topic that had all of us leaning a little bit more towards Obama, as he promised to immediately withdraw from Iraq and have all troops out within 16 months! A time that we’ll have to wait impatiently for but entirely sure that Obama will be true to his words as he publically declared that “It is long past time to turn the page in Iraq, where each day we see the consequences of fighting a war that should never have been authorized and should never have been waged” at the Senate debate, July 18
2. As America’s internal affairs were pretty much tanking, something had to be done and I don’t mean the accustomed nip and tuck procedures, a new vision was needed here. Added to that the economic anguish that has affected the whole world leaving no room for trial and error but a quick, decisive and productive rescue plan!
3. After hearing about each candidate views regarding current important topics, it was time to get to know the man behind the title and his humanity composition. Note: from this point onwards, I’ll be talking from my own point of view as an Egyptian woman.
Following Hillary Clinton; Obama’s the one I was able to connect with the most, not because I had a crush on him, nor was I on the verge of becoming an “Obama girl”! It all had to do with impressions, he was able to maintain this smart, I know what I’m doing attitude and an assertive tone reflecting his self-confidence. In addition to his background, an African American with a Muslim father, not that I’m being biased or anything, but it’s just that I know he’ll have a better understanding to the nature of the religion more than anyone else. Also being an African American, Obama has the discrimination scenery down and knows quite well how to deal with any evolving consequences.

Barack Obama has transformed a long sought- after dream that has moved Rosa Parks into action to a reality and I can’t put it better than an African American mother who said “Before, when people used to tell me that my son can be the next USA president, I used to nod along in uncertainty. But now I can honestly say, YES HE CAN!”
And this is exactly the point, hope; hope for a better future, a better world and a better nation. But among all the excitement and anticipation the world have, I’m scared of disappointment; I’m scared of all the “what ifs” possible. What if Obama failed to keep his promises? What if he couldn’t retreat the American army? What if he decided to invade another country?
It’s all in my head I know, but what he did, what America did, was very inspiring that until that day we still hail its occurrence and I’m thinking it’ll be too darn hard to let go of that hope.

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