Monday, November 3, 2008

My Stream of consciousness (That you have to put up with AGAIN!)

- People keep on babbling about how shameful it is to remember Allah during the tough times only when it’s a blessing to even remember Him then for there are millions of those who didn’t and ended up in a grave they dug themselves
- In devotion lays submission and in submission lays unconditional trust
- Everyone gets their share of drama, it’s an unmistakable truth, even if they show you otherwise
- Having the perfect figure doesn’t give you happiness, it’s figuring the perfect-ness in your life that does it
- The best way to stop crying over spilt milk, is to thank God that you didn’t have to drink in the first place
- Why do people insist on seeing me as a good, innocent girl when I can’t wait for those moments when I turn bad
- If what I had was the perfect closure then why do I keep lingering for another chance?
- Work is an anticipated era in a person’s life, just like puberty, you hail its arrival and despise its persistence
- I’m addicted to every fattening food there is. That’s just my curse
- It is pathetic how everyone’s trying to hide in a transparent shell, when the truth can get you covered for a lifetime.
- Humanity has become a luxury that 95% of humans can’t afford
- You can’t just leave unannounced and expect people to remember your face
- Men see with their eyes only what they desire while women see only with their hearts. Period
- My hopes are something I have no control over and I’m thankful for that. Period.
- Popularity is subjective. It just is subjective
- When it comes to sharing food, there’s always someone who secretly wishes for you to get full faster so he can take your piece
- No one knows someone all that well for people don’t even know themselves or else why on earth are they taking those personality tests?!
- An endless love isn’t endless because of the eternal fondness but for its endless chase
- What I look forward to is an infinite list. Bit me! I’m just greedy that way
- I lost my rock 4 years ago, that explains my protectiveness over the people who currently provide for my security.
- I dream of success and passion, yet I’m reluctant to pay my dues
- Life is never what it seems because we always seem it wrong!


BaTaBeeT said...

"Why do people insist on seeing me as a good, innocent girl when I can’t wait for those moments when I turn bad".... I JUST LOVE THAT !


Thank u... (",)