Friday, November 14, 2008

Potentials of evil (Published Campus October 2008)

There’s a reason why we get to see the dark-side of people and that is frequent interactions!
Because when you come to reminisce about how sweet and kind they were, and how stupid you are for believing that. It will finally hit you that what you met the couple first encounters were actually the one-dimensional version of them, not the whole package. And if you’re someone pretty much like yours truly, who gets easily fooled by the lavishing smiles and the “sincere” compliments, it will take too long before you realize that the bunny came out of their hats!
Like they say keep your friends close, keep your enemies even closer. But sometimes we don’t have a choice, sometimes we’re forced to deal with our enemies on daily bases! Ok, may be the word enemy is overstating it, still, they’ll send their harmful rays miles away just to irritate the hell out of you!
I’m talking here about the fab. five, the potential sources of evil invading our existence, the most annoyingly, nerve-wrecking human beings who by the way proved that with them in the picture, life couldn’t get any more troubling- uhm, I mean exciting :S!

Have more fear, the ex’s are here!
Everyone has a past with one incident or two to hide.
Regretful or not, that’s not the issue for the point is you want that door slammed. And just when you’re about to get that peace of mind; a clown from your past shows up to ruin the day. Like in old – and recent- movies just when the hero is about to kiss the girl, the villain emerges although he had all movie to do that! However, the ex’s isn’t inclusive on ex-lovers but ex- best friends as well who apparently had fun stabbing you in the back and decided to come back for more. Or had fun being stabbed themselves! Regardless of the situation because it’s in the past now, you want to protect the future and parts of the unrefined present thus it’s only logic to bring in the phasing out guns!

The Thunderous Thuds!
When love was presented to us as the ultimate blessing, it was also promised its curses. Those curses, despite the countless difficulties faced in romance, personalize in one entity that is the mother-in law!
Apart from of the relationship level, you can always feel her crawling steps breaking in your lives. But to be fair, sometimes or rarely all she wants is to make sure that her baby is happy, whether by threatening to take your life or suck the fun out of it, it always lead to the same ending; a doomed relationship.

Jealousy kills all!

Unfortunately, friends happen to be no angels, just other sinful creatures with the worst evil powers ever!
Putting aside the good times, the laughs and the reviving craziness, they can’t help feeling jealous over something you have that they happen to want.
A nice job or a nice person, doesn’t matter, for they know you very well, they know your weaknesses and your strengths and worst of all, they know how to fool you best! But this should come as no shocker for this is human nature and regardless of how cherished those friends may be, at the end of the day they still a humans!

The replacement is no good!It’s only natural to find yourself stuck in a situation when a parent leaves. Voluntarily or not, that’s part of the vulnerability, but not the catch. Dealing with a step-parent is a tricky business, because you’re waiting for the resentment dust to settle and apparently it doesn’t want to. Your fighting a 2-fold fight at the same time, one on the inside and the other with that person who is forced into your life promising to make it, well, not miserable but different and you don’t want that. It’s all just a big loud scream that no one has to or should hear it but you!

Bossy is the middle name!When adulthood hits, along comes submission, disgrace and utter helplessness! If for once this phrase “When I grow up, I’ll be the boss of me” bubbled in your head, please I beg of you, delete, delete and delete! Yes, life is harsh that way. When we were helpless kids and destined with the meanest most hateful teacher ever, we believed that this is just a phase we have to walk through to reach freedom. But when this exact same scenario happens recurrently with every stage we exceed, college, work and even family. I’m thinking there should be a special reward for those who are forced to put up with the bossy bosses other than waiting for the sweet relief of death!

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