Monday, November 17, 2008

Diva Im Bau

Welcome ladies… and gentlemen- I’m actually flattered that you decided to show up again, however the rules are still the same though- after the tragic crisis we’ve been through, I have to thank all who helped us in compensating for the actions of those who ashamed us, last time we were trying so hard to make a mend for their actions and said that we’ll look in the deeper fixing part later and that day is finally here…-applause-

Underneath each one’s chair, you’ll find a beautiful fresh red rose, take it please it’s yours!! It’s a nice gesture right?-humming noises- You’re feeling happy that you’re holding on to something of such beauty but at the same time you fear that it’ll soon be dead right?-amazed looks- for the gentlemen, this is the feeling that you’re supposed to get when you see a nice lady and for the ladies the roses are you!!

If you’d kindly take a look at the session’s title, I know it’s a bit unfamiliar so allow me to elaborate more. The word diva describes a girl with a rare outstanding talent, it was used with female opera singers and it comes down from the ancient Italian word meaning goddess. As for im Bau it’s German and means under construction. What I mean by this is that there are girls who were born as natural Divas while others who try to imitate blindly turn out to be nothing but funny clowns-that’s so harsh!!- Simply because they copy everything and leave behind the one thing, the essence that makes a girl worth being called a Diva!!

Forgive my serious tone, but as you know we always have fun and good laughs but today it’s dead serious… We are here to rebuild our glory…

Now there are a lot of things we can talk about like the attractive yet unique looks, the fun loving personality that instantly gets everyone hooked or the interesting, mysterious life that makes people think that she’s somehow a superstar! Yet again, every girl can be that or act as if she’s that magnificent. Only one type of girls can pull the whole diva glow thing off and those are the ones with self-confidence- silent for a while then sudden loud whispers- Oh, come on don’t be that way… I can hear you and to answer you, yes you’re here for that only!!

Ok, let me ask you a question; who here can honestly tell me that she’s never felt inferior, that she’s not so helpless to easily become the person she wants to be without even considering what others might think of her?! I know that I have felt inferior and helpless and I bet that most of you did or still do…

So, please just give me a chance; all I’m saying is there are times when every girl feels confident whether because she’s wearing a new outfit that hides her flows or that she has finally reached something she was trying so hard to get. However, those are only moments and are soon to be over once she sees another girl who happens to have the only thing that she misses. It’s ridiculous really; I mean if you tried to look at your life you’ll find it so fulfilling with lots of activities, a nice career, and lots of friends while hers is nothing compared to yours. Despite of all your blessings you can’t help but think of the very few things that she has but you lack!

Now, am I getting through to you?-humming-Ok, let’s move on…

Self-confidence tells you how secure you really are, it’s basically something you learn or gain. It’s a very important issue because only confident people can find an easy way to success simply because they do what they believe to be right, even if others mock or criticize them. And the good news is that they aren’t totally perfect no one is but they’re not that self-centered! I mean that most people who lack self- confidences are self-conscious all the time…Ok, close your mouths. I’ll make it easier, the reason most girls loose their confidence is because they are all the time concentrating on themselves, all the time comparing themselves to others and believe me that’s why they’re so jealous. As competent and self-confident people are incapable of jealousy due to the fact that jealousy equals insecurity if you know what I mean!! To be more precise; if you are the type of girl or guy cause I’ve been neglecting the gentlemen a whole lot this evening who governs her/his behavior based on what people think or usually prefer to stay in your comfort zone to avoid failure or risks then congratulations you suffer from low self-confidence!! And to start solving this issue you need to know that it isn’t an overnight acquisition, it takes time but totally worth it.
So, to work on that I have a six steps plan to help you people-applause-

1. Recognize your insecurities, but please be honest about them even if they’re just your hair!!
2. Wear them on your sleeves, in other words focus on them and understand that it’s absolutely crucial to work on them if you want to move on
3. Always and especially at the times you feel bad about yourselves remember your good sides, your accomplishments. Everyone is good at something even the shallowest people!!
4. Be thankful for what you have, it’s a very important step because too many people overvalue what they aren’t and undervalue what they are.
5. Stay positive and avoid self-pity. People will never know you have a problem unless you show them, may be it’s the nervousness or the overly used apologies that gives them a hint about how you feel.
6. If you act confident you’ll actually believe that you are. I’ll tell you a little something that I do, but promise not to make fun of it because it has been really helpful. I have this other imaginary perfect vision of me that I use whenever I feel that I’m about to loose my confidence, I instantly think I’m her and start walking and talking like her for a while till I regain my self-confidence and it actually works!!

To think about it ladies, you’ll find that self-confidence is truly the one thing that can make a normal girl a diva others look up to and hope that one day they can be her. It’s not always about looks or style because many girls have that and still they might not be as attractive as someone who can speak up and literally make a difference because a diva is a girl that can’t be easily erased from your memory exactly like that beautiful red rose.
Always remember that to be a real diva, that’s a full time job, it requires a lot of work because the real secret to total magnificence is to believe in yourselves and have the self confidence you need… Good luck everybody, I’ll miss you all

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