Friday, November 7, 2008

Stream of Consciousness Vol.3

- I know who I am & I know what I'm capable of. Period
- When my actions aren't speaking your language, watch out for the deafening voice.
- Coping with change doesn't make you a hero but a machine.
- No one can see through me for I'm not that transparent to begin with.
- Domination is never achieved when both lions are in for the kill
- I hold you dearly in my heart but in my mind you're just another crossing throught.
- Excretion is nature's way of telling you, you're full of shit.
- Why is it that everything we crave is sinful?
- Everyone has an ulterior motive. Period
- Embracing Differences holds the secret path to unity.
- Perseverance, chivalry and Aspiration are all qualities of bumped off heros
- Why can't parents be always parents, not another humans with needs?!
- Complaining is nothing but a bridge starting with absorbing the shock and ending with forceful commitment to regretful reactions.
- It's funny how we always choose to cry on the wrong shoulder.
- We live at a time when silence is the ultimate resolver.
- It all comes down to prespective when calling someone young yet experienced, ambitious or troubled!
- Break the light or darkness, doesn't matter as long as you do something different.
- Shopping for women means a temporary feeling of control
- If the truth lies in a deserted island, with 55 paths of which only one leads you there, will you bother trying?!
- Time is not moving fast, it's us who've lost the respect for it.
- Women are just as mean as men. Period.


BaTaBeeT said...
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BaTaBeeT said...

first... i would like to say that its my first visit here and i really love and respect ur blog

"No one can see through me for I'm not that transparent to begin with...." I believe you can show people whatever you wanna show them.. we r never transparent.. bt people just think they're smart !
"- Excretion is nature's way of telling you, you're full of shit." ... lol.. I luv that

"Women are just as mean as men. Period.".... MEN are angels compared to women.Period !

"Why is it that everything we crave is sinful?"... well not everything... I always crave cheesecake...ummm..I guess its somehow sinful !

Nice post :)

Sara Abdel Azim said...

welcome to blogspot louby! i'm really enjoying reading your posts.. would've left a better comment given more time.. looll


Thank you batabeet... Iluv how replied to each quote... thank u and looking forward to hearing more from u...
Saraaaaaaaaaa... right back at u babe... I luv and enjoy your wednesday posts... I luv that u r multi-talanted, da msh 2arr walahi :D